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Hayan Petroleum Company executes development operations in oil & gas..

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The Field of Environmental Safety Management...

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 The Field of Environmental Safety Management:

HPC priorities include managing and protecting the environment. Therefore, HPC managed many environmental studies; in order to evaluate the current environmental status, measure the environmental indicators in Hayan contract block in the current work sites to be the starting point for a correct environmental control, subject to the international standards, and follow up the damages may be resulted from the production operations in future to be at the environmental minimize allowed rate.

A plan was set to improve the national expertise via the optimum selection of qualification and management, and a plan was set for training such national cadre to have a good level of production, to be in consistence with the technology development in oil and gas field, and make use of the existing expatriates’ experiences (INA Company expatriates); where nationals’ experience will be higher and then such foreign expatriates will be replaced with nationals in future.  

The Field of Information:

All Damascus offices are provided with a developed personal computers system for exchanging information, noting that it is prepared for future to connect the Company’s Head office with production sites.

Information Security: HPC pays a very important attention to such matter; where it uses tapes for back up data and retries it, in addition to anti virus programs, and fire wall system for stopping hackers entering the Company’s data.

Organizational chart:

The organizational chart consists of two Divisions (Operation Division – Finance & Administration Division). Each Division consists of five Departments, in addition to Safety Department.



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